About the Timburn Technology

Timburn makes three high quality oil fire starters for Wood, Pellet, and other fires.

Two of our firestarters, Professional Strength and Chimney Maintenance, have our patent pending HomeSafe® Chimney Formula that treats dangerous creosote problems that are often the cause of chimney fires.  In the United States nearly 25,000 chimney fires cause over $125,000,000 in damage, injure 100 or more, and tragically take a number of lives each year.  We believe that our HomeSafe® products can have a major impact on the number of fires and save lives as well.

Our clear Timburn firestarter does not contain a creosote modifier and is perfect for starting occasionally used fireplaces and all outdoor wood fires.

For the Barbeque; Timburn clear, when used in combination with a Kindl-Stone and charcoal chimney starter, can ignite more than 3 pounds of charcoal in less than 15 minutes using only a little more than 1 ounce of fluid. Unlike charcoal lighter, The fluid never touches the charcoal so it won’t affect the flavor of your gourmet dish.

Our reusable Kindl-Stone® ceramic lighting stone makes lighting a fire simple, clean, and green.  The Kindl-Stone’s unique design uses just over an ounce of firestarter for 8-10 minutes of very hot and clean flames burning about 10 inches high that start a wood fire with little or no kindling.  Charcoal lights using just one-fifth the oil needed with traditional lighter fluids.  Using the Kindl-Stone® with Timburn’s firestarters gives you 25 lights from just one 32-ounce bottle.

Because Timburn only uses the highest quality oils available charcoal lights hot and fast without the fuel taste or smell.  A Kindl-Stone® works great with a charcoal chimney.  From match strike to sizzle in less than 15 minutes.